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Hi and thanks for stopping by Yoder Roots Baking! I wanted to take a quick minute to introduce myself and let you know a little bit more about my heart behind our company. I am a Colorado girl, born and raised and I now live with my husband and four sweet kiddos in the small Northern Colorado town of Severance Colorado. We have been here for just over three years and absolutely love it! Before staying at home full time with my kiddos I had a career in social work and still have a passion for children and families in the foster care system. In my "free" time I love to be outdoors, going to baseball games, quilting, traveling and finding new adventures to experience with my family.

I have always had the ultimate sweet tooth (just ask my former coworkers who constantly made fun of me for keeping a container of frosting in my desk drawer!), and have been baking since I was a child. Growing up, my mom would help me each year as I experimented with new recipes for whatever 4-H baking unit I was working on.

Two of my all time favorite treats as a kid were whoopie pies and moon pies which both my mom and grandma would make on occasion. I especially loved one right out of the freezer. Several years ago I was asked to make whoopie pies for a friends wedding and after lots of rave reviews I began to dream about what it would look like to have a business based on my love of baking. In 2017 we decided it was time to make this dream a reality. We are now a small Cottage Foods business offering a variety of Amish baked goods to the amazing people of Colorado. It is my heart not only to provide my customers with delicious, high quality baked goods, but also with excellent customer service where you as a customer are valued and loved.

It is our hope that in 2019 we will be able to serve more people through our new website, by selling in person at more farmers markets and by providing our desserts at the occasions that mean the most to you! Thank you so much for choosing to shop with us, it truly means so much!

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