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Baby It's Hot Outside!

Let's face it...we probably won't, or at least shouldn't eat Whoopie Pies every day. But there's no reason we can't enjoy some of those same flavors in other (healthier) forms! The kids and I were all at our churches Adventure Camp this morning in 90+ temps and were in desperate need of a cold, sweet treat when we got home. While two of the kids napped and the other two played in the cool of the basement, I decided to make us all some homemade popsicles. I opened the fridge and freezer in search of flavor inspiration when it hit me that I am obsessed with July's flavor of the month, Lemon Blueberry, and I happened to have all of the ingredients necessary to make it happen!

Now, be forewarned that when I am experimenting in the kitchen I rarely measure my ingredients. So the recipe below is rough guesstimates of how much I used of each ingredient and in the end I was able to make 6 popsicles and fill an ice cube tray with the remaining mixture.

All of these ingredients are from Costco!

Ingredients: 1 1/2 C. Whole Milk Greek Yogurt

1/3 C. Raw Honey (adjust to level of desired sweetness)

1 Tbsp. Pure Vanilla Extract

1 C. Frozen Blueberries

Zest and Juice of 1 Lemon

Red White and Blue Sprinkles (optional)


Zest and juice one lemon and set aside. Mix together yogurt, honey and vanilla until smooth. Add in lemon juice and zest and blueberries and mix again until smooth. Spoon mixture into popsicle molds and top with sprinkles. Insert popsicle sticks and place in freezer for several hours or until set. Sit out on your porch and enjoy!

The beautifully marbled mixture!

The finished product!

As I mentioned above, I chose to spoon the remaining mixture into an empty ice cube tray and freeze for my own personal quick sweet bite when cravings arise...which to be honest are basically all day, every day.

These were a big hit with my kiddos and they are already asking to try more flavor combos! Enjoy and stay cool!

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